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Catching up on a few things over here, including some long overdue blog posts! In so doing, I realized that this post may have gone out without any pictures and was incomplete.  Oh WordPress App, you pain me.  Apologies if you received the draft version in your inboxes!

A milestone birthday  last month called for a special party dress. I knew exactly what I wanted to make when scrolling through Instagram,  I saw Sew DIY’s sequin dress . I already had the pattern thanks to my Colette Seamwork subscription – the Mesa dress.  I wanted to start with a muslin before cutting into the real deal, so I made a comfy green french terry knit version with a little embellishment on the neckline.  What can I say, I’m addicted to reverse appliqué!  I cut a size large for bodice and graded to a medium below the bust.  Sorry for the wrinkles, just pulled it from the dryer.


I love the comfort of this dress. Like wearing pj’s only prettier!

With no additional modifications needed, I quickly moved on to the SEQUINS.  I was so excited to find this rose gold chevron sequin fabric and nude knit lining at at Textile Centre in Hamilton.  LOVE IT.

Sequin Chevron Fabric


Mesa Dress

Project Notes

  • I used kitchen shears for cutting sequins. Note to self: do not cut sequins right after your husband has finished vacuuming and…expect to find sequins all over the house for weeks!


  • I used Maxilock thread to serge the lining together, and to sew the outer sequin shell.

Sewing with sequins

  • I had a moment of sew-telligence and figured that the weight of the sequins would cause the dress shell to stretch longer than the lining.  In anticipation of this, I cut the lining a bit longer so that it wasn’t too short to be tacked to the fold up hem at the bottom. Also, carrot chips.

Sequins and Snacks

  • I read SewDIY’s advice about removing sequins, but was lazy and short on time, so rather than remove sequins from the hem lines on the bottom and sleeves of the dress, I lined up the bottom of the pattern pieces above the mesh edges of the fabric, so that when it came to hemming these pieces, I simply turned up the mesh and slip-stitched it to the knit lining, resulting in nice finish and it feels nice against the skin.
  • To finish the dress I used clear thread to stitch sequins back onto the dress in areas where they were bent or had fallen off (along the neck and shoulders mostly).

I just love the way the light plays with the colours…  hemming sequins

Inside Mesh

Bam! Birthday Dress!  (almost forgot to take this picture after the wonderful surprise party my husband and friends planned for me)












I really enjoyed making this dress and can’t wait to whip up a few more versions of the pattern – more every day comfort in pretty knits.

Thanks to SewDIY and Make Something for their tips on sequins and maxilock thread.

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2 thoughts on “Updated – Twinkle Twinkle Mesa Dress

  1. It’s SO PRETTY! I love the matte sheen on the sequins. Such beautiful fabric, and you got a lovely fit too! 🙂

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