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Blogging take 2! The last time I had a blog it was very short lived; a couple of road-trip highlights, lessons learned from blending and spinning alpaca fleece and the ongoing trials of caring for a puppy with severe allergies. Then, nothing. The timing seems right to try blogging again – even though I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be very good at it.

In 18 days (who’s counting?) we are moving out of Toronto to Burlington. While we didn’t intend to move from our current house, we’re very excited for a new house, new neighbours, a new backyard to start a garden in, new local markets; there are all kinds of new adventures waiting for us in Burlington. I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life, so although it’s not that far (70km or a little over an hour away), I know it’ll be an adjustment. I feel like we’ve been counting down to April for the last several months, and now that it’s almost here we are both relieved and excited.

Just a few days after we move, I’ll be heading to Chautauqua, CO to spend two incredible days at the Makerie retreat participating in workshops led by Aran Goyoaga!  My cabin-mates and I have already connected by email and I cannot wait to meet them and everyone else.

With the move and the retreat, I’ll have 2 weeks off work to recharge my batteries and to plan lots of other adventures! Stay tuned!








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