Spring Greens

There’s been a lot of green around here lately, inside and out.  While we’ve all been wishing for sunny days and less rain, the lush greenery after the rain can’t beat.  Some of my favorite views of our backyard are seen from our dining room window. This was taken during a recent sun shower we had – the mix of light and rain was beautiful.  I love all the trees here –  there are more trees in this one cluster than on my whole block in our old neighbourhood!  This picture doesn’t really do it justice, hopefully I can get a better one soon!

IMG_6842 _Snapseed


Rainy days seem to bring the critters into the backyard, more so than sunny warm days.  Unfortunately this is not a very good shot because this little guy is was at the far end of the backyard and I was inside, but have you ever seen a squirrel use its tail as an awning?  Every once in a while he would shake it off and then quickly unfurl it over his back again.


Other critters took advantage of the dry spots under the canopy to check out Mr. Pig… we’ve seen squirrels sit on him, birds fly around him and chipmunks given him a wide berth, but this was the best so far!  Moments later though, we realized that (of course) bunny was eating him so we sent Shakes out to stand guard for a while.

IMG_6796 _Snapseed


We’ve been carefully tending seedlings for the last month and a half, and even though we’ve not yet devised a way to keep them from being eaten by the bunnies, we’ve potted these tomatoes up and put them on the deck close to the house. Fingers crossed they last til the weekend when they’ll be moved to the centre of yard.  This honeycomb tile is not in my bathroom by the way, it’s the dining room windowsill and though reminiscent of a retro style bathroom it’s rather handy not to have to worry about water spills from plants or doggy foot prints.



We’ve also been enjoying greens in our bi-weekly Plan B half share.  A few weeks ago we had family over for lunch and with the asparagus from that week’s box I decided to try Aran Goyaga’s asparagus and arugula soup from her book Small Plates and Sweet Treats. I loved the simplicity of the recipe, just a few ingredients and you have a soup that is fresh, light, and satisfying.  The touch of crab meat really adds a something special – I floated it on top of a gruyere crostini and painted in some crème fraîche.   It was so good that I made a second larger batch yesterday, enough for two dinners and two lunches using the asparagus from this week’s box and some from the farmer’s market.

IMG_6863 _Snapseed

Green Garlic – also from this week’s box -If you’ve never tried spring garlic, you must! The flavour is better than garlic chives,  mild and without the heat of mature garlic – they are delicious! Unfortunately the season only lasts a few weeks, maybe a month before the rest of the garlic is left to grow, producing scapes (also yummy) or into mature bulbs for harvesting later in the season.  If you come across some at the farmer’s market, get them while you can!  I sauteed two small bunches with brown rice pasta, garlic farmer’s sausage from Featherstone Farms (so good), fresh green peas, olive oil and some chili flakes – delish! I’ve got just enough of this dish left over to enjoy for lunch this week.



Pretty soon the hot days of summer will be here and we we might be wishing for some cooler rain days!  How have you been enjoying the green this late, wet spring?






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