Slow Swoon


  • Pattern: Swoon Quilt by Camille Roskelley
  • Fabric: Heirloom by Joel Dewberry
  • Time to finish: 3 long years

Is it really already Thanksgiving?  I’ve got some catching up to do around here! Starting with publishing this long drafted post about August’s big sewing finishes.

I started this quilt in April 2012 at Johanna’s class at the Workroom. I had never made a quilt from a pattern before, my previous ones were nine patch or log cabin baby sized quilts. I had fallen hard for the Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom collection – and bought a half metre set as soon as it landed in the shop that year. I still love it and have a few good size scraps left.



I missed the third and fourth (of six) class sessions after Shakes was badly mauled by another dog at the park. There were some very tense days and sleepless nights during his recovery, and I remember marking the HST (half square triangles) with Shakes curled up and medicated next to me, and later assembling the amazingly (and wonderfully) large blocks with him wrapped in blankets at my feet. The project helped keep my mind off of pessimistic thoughts about whether or not our little buddy was going to make it or not.

Shakes healing


I finished assembling the quilt top and back in time for the end of class and in time to ask an amazing group of ladies (Johanna, Carolina, Katherine, Karyn, Allison, Suzanne) for help with pin basting. Over the several weeks of Shakes’ journey to a full recovery, I machine quilted around the blocks, and then hand quilted around each star.  Then in September of 2012, the quilt went into a bag and into a box, while we renovated, stayed in boxes when we moved and then shoved into a closet while I got distracted while sewing clothes for ehm, 2 years.

Fast forward to August 2015

Finishing my Swoon quilt was not part of my August sewing plans – there were 3 dresses going on after all!  But, two days before my family was due to arrive, I realized quite that I was one comforter short. The idea of spending money on a blanket when I had this unfinished quilt sitting around just didn’t seem right.

So, at 11:00, I set aside my dress, yanked this king size swoon quilt out of the closet and proceeded to turn the wide sashing into binding, trimming it down to fit either a queen or double sized guest beds. The machine finished binding isn’t perfect, but after 3 years, finished is better than perfect. It felt sooooooo good to finish this ‘slow swoon’.




Fast forward to October 2015

I caught one doozy of a cold last week and spent a good part of this past week under self-imposed exile in our guest bed… all wrapped up in this quilt.  It’s much lighter than I expected it to be, but that’s what happens when you take something like 300 safety pins out of something!  In the process of making this quilt, I came to realize that I don’t (at all) love the cutting part of quilt making, but man do I love cuddling under a quilt that I made! It’s so wonderfully warm and comforting.




I hope that you all have  warm and comforting weekend, and an especially happy long weekend to those of you celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving!

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