Our new outdoor entertainment system

We purchased a new outdoor “entertainment system” on the weekend and set it up the same day. Within a few hours we had some new brightly dressed friends come try it out and it’s been a party ever since!

Purple/Red Finch yellow finch couple IMG_6502 IMG_6476

Of course free food can attract some unwanted guests! These annoying guests have become regulars, intimidating others, hogging the food, and generally making a mess!  We’re considering providing a different space to allow the smaller guests to eat in peace. The blur right behind this grackle is the woodpecker being bullied off his perch!


Fortunately,  more aggressive party crashers find themselves unable to get through the doors; try as they might, they can’t catch a break! It’s amusing to watch them try though!

IMG_6446 IMG_6448 IMG_6462 IMG_6452

We also have a few grazers at the buffet – they have figured out that if they stay right underneath the feeder they can benefit from the messy hogs (grackles) and get plenty of snacks food without doing any work.



Perfectly located for viewing from kitchen and dining room windows, we have been enjoying this “nature channel”.  It’s become a lovely morning treat to watch the birds while getting ready to leave for the train ride to work. We couldn’t have a feeder in our old backyard as the pigeons would have been lured from across the road not to mention the 3 families of raccoons which were already a major problem.

Part of our future garden planning includes additions to the bird feeder, a fountain or mini pond of some sort, plantings for cut flowers and more than a couple raised beds with rabbit proofing, more on these projects soon!








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