If someone had told me last summer that our lives would be put on hold for 8 months while we created an addition for our dream house, knowing that we wouldn’t want to live in it, I wouldn’t have believed them. If that same someone told me I’d be leaving Toronto, I’d have scoffed at the idea. But due to some unforseen circumstances, here we are. Map Burlington

We now live 65km away from Toronto in old  Burlington. I didn’t know such a place existed. I only knew about the new subdivisions to the north of us, and I wasn’t really keen on living there. Fortunately being in the “old” part of the city means that it has small town charm (at least to someone who’s lived in a big city their whole life), but the big box amenities are there if we need them. I’m still getting my bearings and figuring out the immediate neighbourhood, so far I’ve realized that it’s just a short walk south to the lake, and an even shorter walk to a large park with a library, recreation centre and YMCA. We aren’t really big box store shoppers, so I’m hoping to find options similar to those I had in Toronto, especially for food. In Toronto we were lucky to live near Fresh from the Farm – all sourced from Mennonite farms and Sanagan’s Meat Locker was a short trip away – we never bought meat anywhere else. With a bit of research I’ve learned that there are several farms not too far away where we can go to get meat, eggs and veggies – I can’t wait to explore that more.

Since getting the keys last week have been busy beavers, painting up a storm! We had originally intended to do only the bedrooms that would have beds in them, but then we got on a roll and ended up doing the living room and the basement. I’ve put some pictures up on IG, but I’ll post more details on the colour revamp here once I’ve had a chance to take proper pictures.

IMG_5388 IMG_5434

In between the stacks of boxes that arrived on Thursday, we are soaking in the quiet that this neighbourhood provides. We used to wake up to the sound of traffic which got to be a bit much sometimes, but our new home is surrounded by cedar trees where cardinals and other birds seem to perch and sing throughout the day, and the breeze through the branches is a lovely replacement for the sound of cars whizzing by to race down the highway.

Shakes is settling in slowly after a few days of confusion and exhaustion as we shuttled between the temporary apartment we were in, to the old house and the new house several times over the weekend. After being in an apartment for several months he’s not used to the fact that he can’t see both of us in the same space with one glance of his eyes and panic sets in. But he’s quickly discovering the perks of the new house, putting the bow windows front and back to good use as he surveys his new domain; no need to jump on the back of the sofa to get a look-see. He’s not yet sure what to make of the bold grey squirrels that hang from the oak tree out front and natter at him through the glass. I hope he’ll learn they’re not the enemy, since he’s never been particularly interested in squirrels before.


It’s been an exhausting week, but I’m feeling pretty good that we are mostly unpacked, with the exception of some closet organization that we’ll tackle over time. I’m especially looking forward to putting together a sewing/craft space! With all the work we’ve done the last few days, I can now turn my attention to a special adventure – the Makerie Retreat in 4 days!  I’ve signed up for both workshops with Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle et Vanille, one on food and prop styling and the other on food photography. I’m sure I’m going to be in over my head, but I’m also sure it’s going to be wonderful and inspiring. Stay tuned – I’ll write more when I get back!

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