Junction Summer Solstice Festival

Today a friend and I made a trip to check out the Junction Summer Solstice Festival.  It’s been a long time since I visited the Junction, rarely making it that far west since I left my little bachelor apartment at Runnymede and Annette almost 10 years ago. It’s quite different than it was back then  – I was happy to see new shops mixed in with some of my old favorites like  Curry Twist where we stopped for lunch.

The Junction Flea Market put on a night market in connection with the Summer Solstice Festival, which I’d never been to but have heard/seen lots about on Instagram and other blogs.  Thundershowers were in the forecast, but we lucked out with just a bit of rain at the very end.

My favorite sights from the evening:

Manual Labour Coffee
Manual Labour Coffee – cutest shop set up!
Lavender at Crown Flora's tent
Lavender at Crown Flora’s tent
Crown Flora Terrarium
Crown Flora Terrarium

I just liked the colours...

Ferris Wheel
Honestly I’d rather be looking up at this than on it.
Here comes the rain!

I also went to the Junction Flea with the hope of visiting Julie from Province Apothecary as I’d heard so much about her wonderful line of handcrafted aromatherapy skin care.

Province Apothecary2

Julie was so patient, answering all my questions – even though I have to finish my current line up of facial care products before I can try new ones. She also blends essential oils into fragrances. I’m not big on perfume, but these were so refreshing! I spent a long time including several walk around the grounds of the Junction Flea with one very patient friend sniffing my arm, as I tried to decide between No. 11,  No. 26, or No. 30 .  In the end, it was No. 11 – although I suspect I’ll be back for No. 30!  I cannot wait to try the rest of the Province Apothecary line – Thanks Julie!

No 30, No 11
No. 11

I had hoped to stay late enough to capture the night market with all it’s twinkle lights but the rain had other plans, maybe next year, especially if these S’mores are on the menu again!

Candice Leung’s S’mores! This was a must try!

Hand torched to order!


Such a lovely way to spend the evening, strolling with a friend, re-discovering a neighbourhood while enjoying some delicious treats! Note to self: Do this more often!



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One thought on “Junction Summer Solstice Festival

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup S’mores? You know you’re taking me with you next year right? Forget the twinkly lights, it’s all about the s’mores. Especially Reese’s s’mores. This comment needs more apostraphes!

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