1 down, 11 to go!

The first month of 2014 is already over! Can you believe it? I’m not sure what happened to make the last 30 days go by so quickly – it seems to have flown by while we’ve been bundled up in scarves and blankets wishing for warmer weather.  Just like the month of January, this post will be short and quick.

It’s been so cold that we’ve invented three new cold weather words:  Polar vortex, frost quake (I chose this link because the first paragraph cracks me up) and ice volcano.  It’s currently a balmy -3C, which a huge change the the last couple of days which were -18C and feeling like -28 with the windchill.  Small comfort -at least it’s not colder than on Mars!

On a milder weekend we took a day trip to Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY for some skiing – down hill for the Mister, but cross country for me thank you very much.  Despite being on flat ground I managed to fall and had a genuine “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” moment. Fortunately the only consequence was the mirth of my friends and a slightly bruised butt.  It’s ironic that I managed not to bruise after being hit by a car’s side view mirror in Paris, but that a small tumble on to the ice results in a a bruised tailbone that I’m still feeling. There are no pictures of this moment – since I was the photographer and my friends were busy trying to help me up (small blessings).

We also took a short 4 day trip to York City – good times with family, good food, and great fun! A short trip but a special one nonetheless.



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 We also got to visit the 7A diner that the Mister is very fond of, and thank goodness we did, as he learned they were closing their doors after at least two decades in business.  It was a bitter sweet last meal of steak and eggs at his favorite haunt. While I was there I ended up photographing a gentleman who was visiting the place for the last time after 25 years of dining there, and I offered to take pictures of him with his camera.  Then he told me he was a photographer – I wish there was a picture of the inside of my brain as it froze up… but there isn’t. I’ll share the postcard of his work that he left me once I’ve unpacked.  It was a fun moment and totally unexpected.  Farewell 7A, you’ll be missed by so many.


Of course I made sure to visit Moods Designer Fabrics and scored some very pretty cuts of fabric that I can’t wait to use, although I think I want to build my sewing skills up a bit more before I cut into some of them – silk, eek! I’ll write more about these when they become real garments but in the meantime I posted some pics of the fabrics over on  IG. The visit to Moods was inspirational and well timed as I have been spending more time at the sewing machine since a mysterious case of tennis elbow has prevented me from knitting for the last few weeks, and I can’t resume until it clears up and then only in moderation.  This is slowing down my 2014 knitting goal to up most of my yarn stash – I’ve been knitting from it for 4 years without buying a single skein of yarn in all that time! But one must craft responsibly and not at the risk of one’s physical health, right?


February is going to be busy, but there’s some fun things coming up in my calendar and I’ll share them here.  In the coming months I really would like to try to write here more regularly, since this is supposed to be about keeping in touch and keeping record… aside from a monthly round up like this one with project 365 images, food related stuff (because let’s be honest, I’m always thinking about food) and details of the projects from my 2014 list, I’ve also been debating sharing some of the information we’ve learned about adoption in Ontario, would that be interesting?  Next time you visit there might also be a different look and feel as I’m finding this WordPress template restrictive, we’ll see.

Finally there’s been a lot of this going on… as it happens every winter this display of glee has resumed its place in our daily routine – sometimes twice a day. In fact, I’m heading out right now to supervise this evening’s installment. Good night!

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