It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

We’ve had a very, very mild winter so far, a weird one really.  But today,  winter decided to remind us who’s really boss.  It’s -33C outside with the windchill out there! Brrrrrr!



But it’s also the time of year when gardeners start planning, plotting and dreaming of getting out into the garden and getting their hands into the dirt.  It’s what gets us through the winter.  So, with thoughts of spring in mind, I pulled out my seed tin and packet by packet, finished an overdue update to seed lists and growing notes that I removed from this site a year ago.  I’m excited to re-publish  The Garden Chronicles with two new sections:

Still a work in progress, these pages will be updated as the growing season progresses. You’ll notice the blog posts pulled onto each page are pretty old, but that’ll change soon. The count down to the last frost date begins in a couple of weeks! I barely made notes on last year’s garden, which is too bad, because 2015 was the most intensive flower gardening I’d ever done, growing flowers for myself, a few bouquet gifts and for my cousin’s wedding. It was a glorious garden last year.

Does any one have tips for how to best store seeds? Right now they’re sorted into ziplock bags and squeezed into an old cookie tin.  I’ve seen binders, boxes, cans and all kinds of other storage methods, but can’t decide which one to commit to.  Does anyone have a method they prefer?

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