I’m Almost There!

It’s been pretty busy around here since we got back from PEI and the summer has flown by.  The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE, or The EX)  just opened, which means that September will soon be upon us!


While last summer was all about planting and working on the front and back yards, this year we gave just as much effort to enjoying the fruits (flowers and veggies) of our labour! That includes Shakes, who has his very own garden plot.  It makes us all happy when he can eat things that belong to him, rather than  us!  Can’t beat him  so he might as well join us, right?  His little plot includes some of his favourite garden edibles, and although it gets watered with the rest of the garden, it’s left to grow pretty wild.

The past few weeks have brought nice hot summer weather, and Shakes’ garden plot has been just as good for eating as it has been for hanging out and keeping cool.

He’s got  peas in the spring, beans finishing up now, strawberries, swiss chard and sorrel (that seems to have appeared like magic).  He also walks past a sturdy thyme plant and always comes out smelling really nice.  Fortunately, sweet ever-bearing strawberries (meaning they produce fruit over the season, not just once) are usually a sufficient distraction from the asparagus in the adjoining raised bed.  He looks pretty relaxed and happy!




I can’t believe the end of August is already upon us. The end of the month has been on my mind for months now – since late last year in fact.  As some of you may already know, I’ve been working on three dresses for a very special occasion, my cousin A’s wedding!  She’s marrying an awesome guy and we love them both very much.

The three dresses are my dress, my mother’s dress and….the wedding dress!   My mother’s dress is a grey bamboo jersey Colette Moneta.  I’ve made this dress a few times for myself (4 to be exact – here’s one of them), so I am feeling pretty confident and am going to start it tonight and finish it early next week once my mother is here.

My dress is the furthest behind, a reverse applique jersey dress using the long dress pattern and a stencil from Alabama Chanin.  I’ve got quite a bit left to do and my fingers are crossed that I’ll finish it in time!

Revese Applique

Lastly, but most importantly is my cousin’s wedding dress!  I’ve never made anything like this before and it’s been an adventure! I’m happy to say it’s been an amazing project, and  there’s a just a few small details left to finish before I give it a good press/steam, then deliver it to the bride to be!


The wedding is next Saturday and I’m getting really excited about these projects coming off my sewing table, out of my hands, and onto the people who will wear them – including me! I’ll be unveiling of all of these dresses and their details here once the end August has arrived.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and I’ll see you back here soon!



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    1. Thanks Gail! I’m sooooo happy with how things are turning out! I love your latest dress – looks like something I’d wear for sure!

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