Flower & Ornamental Plant Garden

About our flower garden

Our flower and plant garden includes a part-shade front yard and full sun back yard.  Watering is done with drip irrigation hoses from Home Depot, or by hand.  In 2014, I fell in love with growing flowers, a big change from our previous house where I planted mostly edibles.  Every year since the flowers war with the veggies for seed starting space…

Front yard perennials

Hostas (20+, my favourite is Empress Wu), Japanese anemones, Japanese fern, ostrich fern, oat grass, apricot astilbe, white astilbe, purple stella d’oro day lilies, Japanese maple.


Backyard perennials

Hostas (6), Korean dwarf lilac, lavender (3), varigated iris, delphinium, catmint, feverfew, Japanese maple, bleeding heart, pink astilbe, purple stella d’oro day lilies, allium, oriental poppies, shasta daisies, purple scabiosa, lace cap hydrangea (2).





coming soon – a list of dahlias in our garden from year and year.

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One thought on “Flower & Ornamental Plant Garden

  1. Hi Tasha!
    This is so nice!
    And the seed list!

    I see your Camelot Foxglove notes, and mine, too!
    I heard they’re the first year flower ones…
    I don’t know it was because of polar vortex of previous 2 winters, all of my foxglove seedlings didn’t bloom.
    The seedlings looked so healthy but then the next year, they’re gone or did nothing.
    I thought it might be because of all the snow melt damaged them.
    I left the seedlings as they were, so the leaves were long, and I guess it’s easy to be rotten with the moisture.
    So last fall I trimmed them a bit hoping that’ll avoid the damage…

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment!

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