We have been counting our blessings here as we were barely affected by the ice storm that left many people in the dark and cold over this past week.  For us it was just two candle-lit nights, but we never lost hot water or the ability to cook as those functions in our home are powered by gas and our gas fireplace kept us warm.  We were also very fortunate to have new friends in the neighbourhood who invited us over to warm up and charge up our phones so that we could remain in contact with friends and loved ones over the weekend.  We have been hosting our friends whose area in Scarborough was very badly damaged – they still do not have power, but hopefully will be back up and running by the end of the weekend.

T. experienced the ice storm in Montreal which left far more devastation in it’s wake and took much longer to recover from but still, driving through Toronto this past week brought those memories back. Sadly, we are starting to hear about fatalities due to the cold and other weather related issues.

Here where we live, the ice melted within 2 days, more pretty than destructive.  We were lucky.

(the last 3 photos are from spots where the damage to trees will likely be bad)










Our thoughts are with our friends and others in Ontario, Quebec, the Atlantic provinces and the US who are still recovering from this storm.


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2 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. My mom, who lives in Stoney Creek, didn’t even lose power! I firmly believe we have brought this on ourselves and that we will see more and more weather related issues in the years to come. One more argument for the self-sufficient lifestyle, eh?

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