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Back when the idea of spring seemed like dream, when we had just been buried in 30cm of snow, I started thinking about how to learn as much as I could about growing flowers to achieve that “meadow” we want to have surrounding our house. My thoughts went immediately to Alison of Coriander Girl, the amazing florist who we were lucky enough to have create the arrangements for our in. the. dead. of. winter February wedding.  The summer before our wedding, I had read a little article about Alison in the Toronto Life Magazine, I clipped the article for reference. Then when we got engaged a couple of months later, and with three months til the big day, we quickly located that snippet and called Alison. We fell in love with her shop, her vision and the infectious joyful energy she bestows on everyone.

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Since that day, whenever we need to get or send flowers, we always call Alison and her lovely team of flower magicians.  By the way, there’s also an adorable bunny named Harry at the shop and Olive, a wiggly bundle of a King Cavalier Spaniel. Combine that with a focus on local flowers and garden inspired bouquets – how can you go wrong? So, of course when I began itching for spring as one does after 4 months of winter and non-stop snow, I started wondering if Alison offered garden consultations. Would she be willing to share their knowledge with a flower newbie like me?  I wanted to reach out to her – and added it to my to do list, then forgot about it for a couple of weeks, like the garden, it was probably buried under the snow.  Around the same time I was wasting time daydreaming researching gardens and flower ideas, I read about Sarah of My Luscious Backyard  – and began following her IG feed.  Sarah has the most amazing floral based business! She grows her own supply of flowers – get this, in other people’s backyards! How amazing is that?  Sarah is fabulous and so generous with her knowledge, I’m so glad I got to meet her! Check out My Luscious Backyard here.

Back in January, I was scrolling through my IG feed, and spotted Coriander Girl and My Luscious Backyard’s joint announcement about a line-up of spring workshops!  I may have squealed, (maybe even squee-ed, and danced, and squealed some more), decided it was meant to be, that these would be my workshops for this year, and promptly signed up for the floral arranging “Fledgling Florals” and two of the garden series “From the Ground Up” workshops.  And so on the first Sunday of April, I spent a lovely couple of hours at Coriander Girl under the generous tutelage of both Alison and Sarah, learning tips and tricks for natural, garden inspired arrangements and gaining insight on how to treat/prepare flowers for longer lasting arrangements.  It was bliss and a wonderful way to kick off spring.  I can’t wait to delve a little deeper into the flower world by learning to grow my own cutting garden from the ground up, learn which plants are perfect for home cutting gardens, and how to protect my precious flowers from pests and other issues.  With luck I’ll be able to supply my own flowers for special occasions and hopefully, this year’s garden will form the foundation of next year’s garden – and flowers for my cousin’s wedding.  Happy Dance!

Juliet Roses, larkspur, lisianthus, astrantia, wax flower, greens I don’t yet know the name of (but I will soon) and the prettiest pink carnations I’ve ever seen – of course I couldn’t resist taking a quadrillion pictures of the flowers, it was like being immersed in spring. By the way,  I’ve noticed we don’t yet have any tulips up, but somehow the blasted dandelions are already making an appearance.  Harumph!

Ready for some flowery eye-candy?








Yeah, that’s a carnation there in that last shot! Not a peony.



After regularly refreshing the water, cutting the stems and keeping the vase super clean, along with a few other tips learned at the workshop, these beauties (the original roses were past their prime so I replaced them) are still gracing our dining table.   I can’t wait until the next workshop!


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  1. Such a nice way to spend a Sunday! Your garden is going to look amazing thanks to your attention to it and the tips you are learning from these talented ladies.

    P.S. Clearly, I figured out the comments thing 🙂

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