Canadian National Exhibition 2013

A fear of heights and a susceptibility to motion sickness means I don’t do rides. Ever.  I think the last time I went to the CNE was 6 or 7 years ago to indulge in funnel cake!

This year a friend suggested we bring our cameras, catch up and of course visit the food building.  While we were very conservative with our food choices (pizza for her, and kim chi fries for me),  we enjoyed surveying the astounding line ups at places like Epic Burger. Of course the CNE’s ill-fated debut of the Cronut Burger was all over the news, like here, then starting that same day people got sick, until finally the culprit was found – damn that bacon jam!

We did try the Nutella Stix  – deep fried strips of pastry drizzled with peanut butter and Nutella! That was pretty tasty.  To work it off we walked the CNE grounds, camera in hand, accompanied by a small red dinosaur belonging to my friend.  The dino’s name is Patrice. He’s pretty lucky and has plenty of his own adventures.  Good times – I’m so glad we went!


Kim Chi FriesIMG_7892

IMG_7881 - Version 2

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