#28LovelyDays 9 – 15

Last week was probably my least favourite week so far in 2014. I’m very glad it’s over.  Thankfully we had a long weekend so I was able to salvage my spirits with a lot of fun plans and time with family and friends – it was a great weekend that consisted of a hair cut, afternoon tea, a class at the Workroom, yoga class with a friend, Allen’s steak festival dinner, painting a bedroom, a lakeside walk and then quiet time to start a new sewing project. I wish all weekends could be 3 days long!

I almost forgot I to post last week’s pictures for the #28Lovelydays challenge until an IG friend reminded me!

Day 9. Well, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Grey as he worked his way through the snow, looking for seeds and peanuts.


Day 10.  I’ve been enjoying the Colette Wardrobe Architect series  – it’s been interesting to take note of what I’m drawn to, what I’ve learned from sewing up patterns that are popular but not necessarily my style, and what shapes and proportions suit me best.  I spied these two dresses when I popped into Banana Republic to warm up while waiting for a friend.  They remind me a lot of Colette patterns Peony and Laurel dresses that I plan on sewing up soon (but not in these colours, which make me look half dead).  I don’t regret sewing some of the projects like the Schoolhouse Tunic, because I learned a lot by doing them and can tackle other projects with more confidence, but I also have a better idea of what to avoid in a pattern.


Day 11.  A lovely air plant – we have three of them in a north facing window where they seem to be doing really well. This one seems just about to flower – I wonder how long that will take?


Day 12.  The chickadees – every morning without fail, even in the driving snow.

IMG_0395Day 13.  A happy area in an otherwise drab corner –  breakfast smoothie, lunch jar and drink.  Can you see my little Cuppow Bnto’s inside the top of the salad jar? I love the Bnto so much and the sippy versions of course! I only have 1 Bnto, but I’m really considering getting a few more so I can make my lunch jars with them in advance.  The Cuppow products are food-grade polypropylene that is free of BPA, phthalates and they let me make use of my many mason jars in fun and practical ways outside of canning season.


Day 14.  This face.   I cannot get enough of this face. IMG_8898

Day 15.  A favorite place – the Workroom   I was so happy to take a class there this past Saturday with some lovely people learning honeycomb smocking.  I’m excited to use this new skill on some small projects very soon!  (shop window picture)


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2 thoughts on “#28LovelyDays 9 – 15

  1. I so hear you about learnng from your mistakes in sewing. I firmly believe that it is only by making the “fails” that w elearn to appreciate the styles and colours that work for us. Tasha, your photography skills are great! Love seeing this picture a day series.

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