#28LovelyDays 24-28

Apparently this post was never published, even though it says it was published on March 4th.  Oh well, two posts in 1 week then!


The 28 Lovely Days challenge has been a lot of fun, helping me carve out little bits of time teach day capturing something lovely and happy-making.  There’s a definite theme – food, family, Shakes, crafts, and other critters.  For the next 2 months I’m going to be focusing on another photo challenge, one that will force me to change things up a bit – it’s part of a year long challenge I’ve been doing with two of my cousins – and I’m really far behind!  I’m also looking forward to documenting some other projects I would like to finish before spring (finally) comes, stay tuned!

Here are the last 4 lovely days from the Lovely Days challenge.

Day 24: Some left over sourdough pancakes from the day before made fancy with homemade pear chocolate jam and boozy pears – for a breakfast before catching the train. Yum.


Day 25: Grey soaking up the sun on a roof peak. Are you tired of him yet? I hope not… there seems to be a family of grey squirrels that are now living in the tree in our front yard. On this particular morning it was -20 something celsius outside, and poor Grey was soaking up the sun to keep warm.

IMG_0507 _Snapseed

Day 26: Kale, double smoked bacon, potatoes and white beans, destined for soup


Day 27: The best kind of clutter, visiting Neveren’s Sewing Supply on Queen Street West.  The place is crammed to the rafters with notions.


Day 28: End of the day, end of the month. We’re all a bit pooped.


Til next time!

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