#28lovelyDays 16-23

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I can’t believe it’s already the end of February!  Here’s the latest in the 28 day challenge:

Day 16: A winter walk. There’s been so few of these lately, either because we’d be frozen in less than 10 minutes, or because the sidewalks and parks were more like treacherous invitations to slip, fall and break a limb.  We don’t often stroll under power lines, but cabin fever was setting in and there was a path down by the lake, so we took it.

Day 17:  Finally had some time to pull out my swoon quilt that I am determined to finish before end of spring and marked lines that need to be “stitched in the ditch” with washi tape.

Day 18: Given up for dead and neglected for months, this housewarming orchid blooms again 6 months after its last bloom.  Now I’m wondering whether I gave up to quickly on all the other orchids in my life and threw them out before they’d even had a chance.

Day 19: Late night cutting. Colette Patterns – Peony dress in progress with berry coloured chambray.

Day 20: Love and chest rubs.  This is my favorite shot of the week.

Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

Day 21:  oops. nothing here. But there was a visit to the Workroom, roti for dinner and watching Despicable Me again.  It’s so Fluffy!

Day 22: Sewing weekend – the highlight of the week was having friends over all weekend, and showing them how to use a sewing machine.  At a minimum I had promised that no one would sew their hands to their fabric (always under promise and over deliver – wink).  In the end, a bunch of throw pillow covers, a quillow/plankie, taco night and lots of laughs rounded out this Saturday.  It was so much fun that I’m  including Sunday’s photos – taken after an early wake up to watch Canada win the gold in the men’s hockey game.

*A quillow/plankie is a small quilt or blanket that folds into it’s own pillow pocket – I may need one.IMG_0457

IMG_0467  IMG_8955


Shakes was not at all pleased about being asked to relocate from the edge of my friend’s blanket where he had found comfort.  In this series of shots you can see he begrudgingly moves over just enough so that she can smooth out the corner of her quillow top, but only just.

UntitledAnd then there was breakfast. I tried making sourdough bread this past fall – didn’t enjoy the process and gave away/threw out the rest of my starter.  My aunt later shared that there were a lot more exciting things that could be made with sourdough starter: Crackers! Brownies! Pancakes!  I made the last two items. There are no pictures of the brownies because we ate them all – they were good, although next time I’ll make sure to add baking soda and not baking powder (duh!), ensuring a lighter, less dense brownie.  Since I had completely forgotten about making a sourdough sponge the night before, I was really happy to find this pancake recipe! Light, thin and airy pancakes were served along side Quebec maple syrup, Newfoundland partridgeberry syrup, my jars of chocolate pear jam, peach lavender jam, boozy pears and some local bacon. Here’s a quick snap I managed to get before everything disappeared into our tummies. Yum.

Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

An awesome end to a busy week, and an awesome start to the last week of February!  The last week of February.  eek!  See you in March.

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