2016 Peaks and Pits

The other night at dinner, my cousin asked us to identify our peaks and pits for the year. It was an interesting way to reflect on a tumultuous year.  At first I thought my scale would be tipped towards the pits, it was a challenging year for us and many others.   Later at home, scribbling down a list and then scrolling through my photos, I was reminded of the many peaks.  Definitely there were pits, but there were also fun times, taking moments to watch the sun come up before work, time spent with loved ones, visits to favourite places, and tackling new skills with friends.  Turns out I packed more into 2016 than I remembered – maybe that’s why I was asleep before 10pm on New Year’s Eve!

Here in photos, are my peaks and pits for 2016.

What were your peaks and pits?

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2 thoughts on “2016 Peaks and Pits

    1. I’ve been wanting to check that off my “eat” list for sooooo long. Hash browns were my favourite part. They are like rösti – which are hard to find,
      usually it’s home fries at breakfast places here.

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