2013 in Review

Looking back before looking forward.

Things we did

  • Overcame a very difficult period in 2012 – 2013, and we emerged stronger at the end.
  • Moved to a lovely home in a new city (not far from the old one).
  • Had faith in good neighbours restored.
  • Learned a lot about adoption in Ontario and elsewhere.
  • Attended my first creative retreat at the Makerie.
  • Joined a meat share and a local veggie share – which led to meeting lots of new people, having an increased appreciation for farmers and food, and new ideas.
  • Took my first custom stuffed bunny order.
  • Started this blog.

Things I did not do

  • I didn’t take any courses towards finishing my degree – part of this was stress management, the other part, loss of interest in the elective courses that I need to take.
  • I didn’t do any volunteering this year – although we donated money and items, we didn’t volunteer time, which we usually do at least 1 – 2 times a year.
  • I didn’t keep up with my line a day 5 year-journal keeping, falling off that wagon sometime around October, and never really got the urge back.  I need to find a different approach for this starting January.
  • I didn’t take my driver’s G test, which I need to do before June 2014.  Pressure is on!  Moving helped though, as the fear of highway driving that I had in earlier years has pretty much gone away.
  • Did not make enough efforts to keep up my ability to speak/read French.
  • Unlike almost every other crafty thing I’ve tried, I was not smitten by cross stitch. I signed up for the Woodland Sampler, and didn’t get past the first month.  While I have a couple of cross stitch books and patterns that I really like, the set up required for me to work on cross stitch projects makes it far less portable and flexible than I hoped (magnifying lens and super bright light). I’ll still do it now and then, but definitely not enough to keep up with a sampler.
  • Did not finish nearly as many sewing projects as I would have liked.
  • Did not master bike riding at. all.

Things I learned

  • I love the quiet that we have in our new neighbourhood.
  • I learned new camera skills thanks to Aran Goyoaga – I’ve been able to apply these skills outside of food photography which has been really helpful and enjoyable.
  • In two different workshops I learned more about negotiating and leadership reputation. While these were work related courses, the insight I gained from them will benefit me in all areas of my life.
  • Hand-piecing quilt blocks is not as onerous as I thought it might be, in fact I actually enjoyed the simplicity of a craft that doesn’t require following a pattern with every movement of my needle.  Cutting out quilt blocks – now that’s a different story. I still don’t like doing that.
  • I taught myself to make different jams and fruit preserves, and far exceeded my own expectations about how much I could produce (64 jars of yummy fruity goodness)!
  • A phrase that caught my eye this year:  “I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.”  2 Corinthians 12:9.  I definitely needed to remind myself of this a couple of times in 2013, and more importantly, there were a couple of times where I needed to hold on to the idea of conducting myself with grace when I really, really wanted to do something else.
  • I learned that I like ramen, a lot.  Like a lot. I crave it weekly.

Things I am grateful for

  • A loving, supportive and fun relationship with my husband
  • A wonderful family that I love spending time with.
  • A circle of close and trusted friends that I can rely on to talk me off ledges, give me sound guidance, teach me things, manage flat tires with and make me laugh til I cry.
  • New friends I’ve made this year through different avenues – I hope to get to know them better this year.
  • Good health
  • Shakes- constant companion and smile-maker.
  • My own skills – they bring me enjoyment, help me stay employed and allow me to share things I enjoy or find interesting with others.
  • The luxury and freedom of choice.

See you next year with a post on plans, goals and ideas for 2014!

2013 in pictures


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  1. Very, very nice recap. I especially like the whole standard of grace v. standard of perfection thing and your year in pictures. Here’s to an even better 2014.

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