20 minutes from home – Featherstone Farms

I really struggle with writing long posts, so I’m trying to come up with short, fun things to share more regularly.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed doing since moving here is to discover what’s close by – either a 20 minute walk, or a 20 minute drive.  This is the first post in a new category “20 minutes from home”.

In our old neighbourhood in Toronto, everything was just a few minutes away; we had a cheese shop, bakery, Mennonite butcher and veggie stand one street over! The bus stop was nearby, as was the subway, a dim sum shop, delicious fish and chips, boot-camp and some nice walking trails.

When we moved to Burlington, I was quite apprehensive about only being able to shop in “big box” stores, so I set about researching other options. One of the best things we’ve discovered since moving here (in my opinion anyway, T. might say it’s the number of golf courses nearby) happened while taking a wrong turn on our way to a park.  We ended up in Lowville Village, turned a corner and saw a sign that said “Farm Fresh Eggs”.  The search for the park was forgotten – I had to get me some eggs!

Since that first visit to Featherstone Farms we’ve not bought eggs anywhere else.  They are non-GMO, pasture-raised, delicious and absolutely the most beautiful eggs I’ve ever seen.


On our second visit to the farm we were treated to a tour, the highlight of which was this adorable little guy and his sibling – born just a few hours before we arrived.  Doesn’t mommy goat look like she’s smiling?



We went back again just a few days ago, as they had some GMO free, pastured beef, chicken and pork from Blue Haven Farm.  That night we had their italian sausages for dinner and they were some of the best we’d had in a long time!  We gobbled them up so fast and will definitely go back for more once we’ve finished everything else we bought.  Michelle also makes goats milk soap!

Healthy, natural GMO-free meat, supporting local farmers; 20 minutes away from home?  Check!

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