2016 Peaks and Pits

The other night at dinner, my cousin asked us to identify our peaks and pits for the year. It was an interesting way to reflect on a tumultuous year.  At first I thought my scale would be tipped towards the pits, it was a challenging year for us and many others.   Later at home, scribbling down a list and then scrolling through my photos, I was reminded of the many peaks.  Definitely there were pits, but there were also fun times, taking moments to watch the sun come up before work, time spent with loved ones, visits to favourite places, and tackling new skills with friends.  Turns out I packed more into 2016 than I remembered – maybe that’s why I was asleep before 10pm on New Year’s Eve!

Here in photos, are my peaks and pits for 2016.

What were your peaks and pits?

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The Dress

Yes, I’m finally blogging about my cousin’s wedding dress! It’s hard to believe the wedding was almost a year ago!  At this time last year I was anxiously watching my flowers, hoping that they’d bloom in time to decorate the wedding tables, and had just finished the lining…  but let’s start at the beginning! Daydreaming… Read More

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The Dog Pacer 

Two very kind and generous people gave us their Dog Pacer for Shakes to use this winter. I had planned to document his progress, thinking to ease him in slowly.  I don’t know what I was thinking, he’s always been confident and quick to figure things out.     I’m so happy he’ll have an… Read More

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Tea, please!

I love tea. Black teas, green teas, herbal teas – there’s almost always a cup of tea just within reach on my desk or side table. I will choose tea over other drinks, even in the summer. I love tea. My mother says my first high tea was at 4 years old. I was all… Read More

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Overnighter: Watkins Glen State Park

Where:  Schuyler County, New York Where we stayed:  Candlewood Suites What we saw: Watkins Glen State Park Where we ate: The sweetest family diner called Sugar & Spice    – when you go, go hungry, the pancakes, omelettes are huge! I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t greasy like some small diners. For dinner, Hand… Read More

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Slow Swoon

Pattern: Swoon Quilt by Camille Roskelley Fabric: Heirloom by Joel Dewberry Time to finish: 3 long years Is it really already Thanksgiving?  I’ve got some catching up to do around here! Starting with publishing this long drafted post about August’s big sewing finishes. I started this quilt in April 2012 at Johanna’s class at the… Read More

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Lakeshore West Dream Dress

  Pattern: Alabama Chanin Studio Style – long tank dress, size large Fabric: 100% cotton jersey in dusk Stencil: Magdalena Techniques: stencil, hand stitch, reverse appliqué (here’s a tutorial), felled seams, beading. Supplies: Perebo paint in grey, pearl and lightener; stencil sponge, white and grey button craft thread, blunt end needle, beads. I’m calling this… Read More

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Prince Edward Island Road Trip

Photos – click on a photo to scroll through the pictures Trip Data: Where: Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada. Route:  Home, Quebec City (one night)> Prince Edward Island (one week)>Portland, Maine (one night) > Home. Total kilometers travelled:  4000. Maximum number of driving hours in a row: 11 (Portland to Home). Accommodation:  Chepstow Cottages in… Read More

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Road Trip to Prince Edward Island and travelling with the blog

We’ve hit the road for a few days, passing through Quebec, New Brunswick, and will spend a week in Prince Edward Island before routing back through bits of New Hampshire and New York State to get home. This blog has been long neglected, mostly as a result of feeling pressure to write “articles”, and then… Read More

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